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Science B 605
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Demonstrations: Modern Physics

7A Quantum Effects

7A10 Photoelectric Effect

7A10.10 Photoelectric Effect in Zinc Write-up Picture Movie

7A50 Wave Mechanics

7A50.40 Vibrating Circular Wire Write-up Picture Movie

7A60 X-Ray and Electron

7A60.10 Electron Diffraction Write-up Picture Movie

7B Atomic Physics

7B13 Resonance Radiation

7B13.50 Fluorescence Write-up Picture Movie

7B35 Electron Properties

7B35.40 Maltese Cross Write-up Picture1 Picture2 Movie
7B35.75 Plasma Tubes Write-up Picture Movie

7D Nuclear Physics

7D10 Radioactivity

7D10.10 Geiger Counter and Samples Write-up Picture Movie

7D20 Nuclear Reactions

7D20.10 Mousetrap Chain Reaction Write-up Picture Movie

7D30 Particle Detectors

7D30.60 Diffusion Cloud Chamber Write-up Picture Movie