University of Calgary


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Prospective Students

The Department of Physics and Astronomy (PHAS) at the University of Calgary offers graduate research programs in the following specializations:

  • Physics (includes quantum optics, isotope science, complexity science, general relativity, environmental physics)
  • Astrophysics
  • MR Imaging
  • Space Physics
  • Radiation Oncology Physics

Research Areas

The areas of research, facilities, and institutes within the PHAS department and the faculty within each research area.


Course listings, syllabus, outlines, scheduling, and instructors.

Financial Information

Information on tuition and fees, graduate assistantships, scholarships and awards.

Want to learn more about campus life? Visit the prospective student website for information about the city, student clubs, the campus, and much more.

Graduate Degrees

MSc Course-Based

Full- or part-time study; suitable as a part-time professional development program, or for students not oriented towards research.

MSc Thesis-Based

Minimum two years of full-time study ending in a master's thesis submission.

PhD Thesis-Based

Four to six years of full-time study ending in a formal doctoral thesis submission.

International Students

Information for after arriving in Calgary.

Academic Advice

Help with applications, program and course selection, program requirements and other questions or concerns.