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Department of Physics and Astronomy

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University of Calgary
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Tel: (403) 220-5385

Undergraduate Program Coordinator
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Prospective Undergraduate Students

Why Study Physics or Astronomy?

Do you find yourself wondering how things work, why the world / solar system / galaxy / universe is the way that it is, or what mysteries are left for humans to discover? Do you enjoy solving puzzles and problems? Do you have an active imagination and a creative disposition? If you answered yes to any of the above, a career in physics or astronomy might be just for you!


An undergraduate degree, such as a Bachelor of Science, is typically pursued by students directly out of high school with no other post-secondary education experience. Students wishing to pursue an undergraduate degree in the Department of Physics and Astronomy can be admitted directly to the Faculty of Science and their program of choice. Our physics and astrophysics programs are almost always completed in four to five years.

Financing Your Education

Undergraduate students at the University of Calgary must pay general fees and tuition fees each year, as set by the university. There are many awards and scholarships available to undergraduate students at the University of Calgary, including entering students (from high school), continuing students, international students, and transfer students.

Student Life

What is it like to be a student at the University of Calgary? Find out what the University has to offer students and various student-focused services on campus.

Apply Now

Learn how to apply for admission to the University of Calgary. Both Domestic students (Canadian citizens or permanent residents) and International students can access the online application form.