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Undergraduate Program Coordinator
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Undergraduate Programs


The analysis of nature from sub-atomic particles to entire systems of galaxies in order to understand how the world and universe behave.


A branch of astronomy that deals with the physics of the universe, including the physical properties, interaction, formation and evolution of celestial objects and the interstellar medium.

Both are offered in a majors and honours stream, with the main difference being the minimum number of core courses that need to be taken over the course of study: 20-half courses in the case of majors, and 24-half courses in the case of honours. A minor in either physics or astrophysics can also be done.

The key feature of our programs is the strong focus on computer and laboratory techniques in addition to all the key physics and math concepts. The program includes courses in computational physics, as well as a multi-year applied laboratory course on top the regular lab work associated with theory courses in order to help you gain valuable laboratory techniques and critical thinking skills necessary for your future career. See the Research Opportunities page for more information on the type of labs and research opportunities available during the programs.

Multidisciplinary Studies

There is also the option of enrolling in an interdisciplinary degree program with a strong physics component.

Environmental Science

The BSc in environmental science with a concentration in physics is administered jointly by the faculties of science and social sciences).

Natural Sciences

Find out about studying for a BSc in natural sciences (major, honours, BSc/BEd or BSc/BA) with physics as one of your two concentrations.

Chemical Physics

Also availbale to students is BSc in chemical physics (honours only, which is run by the Department of Chemistry).

Minor Programs

Students can also complete a minor in physics or astrophysics in addition to their chosen major program.

Academic Advice

Dr. Michael Wieser
 Department of Physics and Astronomy
Phone: (403) 220-3641
Office: SB 605B

For academic appeals, information on transfer credits and letters of permission, current students should consult the Undergraduate Science Centre.