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Undergrads & CAP

The Canadian Association of Physics (CAP) is Canada's national professional organization for Canadian physicists. Based in Ottawa, but lead by an Executive Committee made up of members from across the country, the CAP is responsible for a number of activities including organization of national scientific meetings, maintaining communications within the Canadian Physics community through a range of publication, Professional Certification, awarding National Physics awards and medals, Government Relations and Lobbying, and other related professional activities. In addition to these activities for practicing physicists, the CAP has a number of activities directed specifically at students, including the ones detailed below.

More details about all of CAP's activities, including initiatives for students and student membership in the Association, can be found at the CAP webpage:

CUPC - Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference

The Canadian Association of Physicists is a co-sponsor of the CUPC. The conference is generally held in October and takes place at a different city each year.The conference involves talks and poster presentations by undergraduate students from across Canada as well as four keynote speakers whose work is central to the future of physics. For full details please see the CUPC website. Students are also encouraged to contact PASA, as most years they organizes a trip to the CUPC if there are a number of students interested in going.

CAP Lecture Tour

The CAP Lecture Tour for undergraduates is a series of special invited talks that are scheduled at universities across the country from January to April each year.  Every fall the undergraduate students are contacted by the Undergraduate Program Director to vote for which lecturers/lectures they would like to hear at the U of C. Each year a special focus for the talks is chosen, in 2011 CAP Lecture Tour series was focused on 'Superconductivity' and in 2012 it was focused on current topics in physics. For full details on the talks held at the University of Calgary, see the Events Calendar, and for information on all CAP Lecture Tour presentations see the CAP Lecture Tour website.

Lloyd G. Elliott University Prize Exam

The CAP University Prize Examination, normally held in February of each year, is a national competition open to students across the country who are studying physics and are enrolled in an undergraduate program at the time of the examination. The Educational Trust Fund of the Canadian Association of Physicists provides a first prize, the Lloyd G. Elliott Prize, of $500, a second prize of $300, and a third prize of $200. In addition, the winner of the first prize receives an all-expenses-paid trip to the CAP's Annual Congress to receive his/her prize at the banquet. For full details, see the University Prize Exam website. If you are interested in writing the CAP University Prize Exam, please contact the Undergraduate Program Director as the department would like to set up study sessions for those wishing to write the exam.

CAP Best Student Paper Awards

Each year at the CAP Congress, both graduate and undergraduate students can present posters or give oral presenatations detailing the results of their recent research. The CAP provides awards for the best students papers and posters delivered at CAP Congress. For full details, see the CAP Congress website.