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MSC to PHD Transfer Procedures

Request to Transfer from an MSC to a PHD Program

Program transfers must take place before a student’s third annual registration. Students should consult the supervisor and Graduate Program Director. Current time in program will be credited; course credit is given at the discretion of the program.

It is the student’s responsibility to check the fee implications of the transfer.

Steps below outline the procedures for current Masters students who want to transfer into the PhD program.  Transfers can only be effective at the beginning of semesters; Sept 1, Jan 1, May 1.

A least ONE month BEFORE you plan to transfer, please submit the following:    

  • Write a research proposal
  • Have a supervisory committee meeting to specifically discuss if your committee agrees with the transfer
  • A letter of support from your supervisor
  • Complete a Change of Program or Status Form

When the above four points are completed, provide all the documents to the Graduate Program Coordinator.  The Graduate Affairs Committee will review your request and if approved, the documents will go to the Faculty of Graduate Studies for final Approval.  You should have the result of your request shortly after that.